Centralized enhanced reporting dash board, digital campaign reporting and ecosystem billing/payment tool. It tracks key performance indicators being executed through different channels for and by clients, agencies, publishers.



i-Boards is an intelligent dashboard based on digital media that functions as a data visualization tool showing the current or past status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for a digital marketing campaign. i-Boards consolidates and organizes numbers, metrics and performance score tables on a single screen.

Through the different Dashboards you can view graphs and data, which can be exported by segments to CSV, Excel and PDF.

Data Source

Data Sources

i-Boards allows the display of different data sources that can be visualized and grouped with the Campaign Management tools and Dashboards.

i-Boards manages the connection of Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram and soon Twitter and LinkedIn. Additional data sources can be entered through the customized adaptation of the platform.



The Reports module allows preparing reports to monitor the performance of the campaigns, analyzing data and making the necessary changes to optimize the results towards the fulfillment of the objectives.

The reports can be created consolidating all data sources managed within the system or individually, including the financial information of each campaign.

Manejo de Campañas

Campaign Sets

The Campaign Sets module allows you to organize campaigns in groups according to the measurement needs, simplifying the analysis of the data and adding them as it seems best to optimize the campaign results.

Creating a Campaign Set lets the user access the detail of the dashboard and each service, being able to include as many data sources as required and start/end dates of the campaigns to be monitored.



i-Boards is an open platform that allows the customization of its different modules and expands the program functionality according to the needs of the client.

Customization can include new data sources, import and export of data, access via Single-Sign On, new reports, new measurement variables, among others.

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